What a random question. About me? About the blog? About what I’m doing right now (procrastinating) .

Well… let’s tackle all three.

  1. Me. About me. Err. Well. Let’s start with the basics. I’m SMALL. I’ve realised this more since moving down South. I swear people down here are fed something mental when they’re little because damn are they taller here. But anyway. 5 foot 2 at a push, and proud. I have badly dyed hair. I’m a musician, and a writer. I apparently have a dry sense of humour, which sometimes can be quite grim. I can be very sarcastic. I hate the rain. I especially hate the rain when I have to walk in it. There’s nothing less attractive than squelching feet.  I have been abused pretty much my entire life, and now have my life back – hooray. I have dissociative identity disorder, which quite frankly can make life very interesting. The trauma caused my personality to fragment and split in order to cope, so I have alter personalities. I hear them all chatting to each other, and they are all very different. I love them all. I’m gay, and despise tofu and runny eggs. (Urgh). I once fractured my wrist by trapping my hand in a photocopier (yes really) and am somewhat clumsy.
  2. This blog. I am in the process of recovery, and feel it’s somewhat pointless and a waste of time to recover, get better, and not think anything more of what happened. I realise for some this is precisely what’s needed but for me it just wouldn’t work. I know there are countless other victims and survivors out there. So this blog is a mixture of my rambles and thoughts, and information, about recovery and PTSD (post- traumatic stress disorder), in the hope that just maybe it might help someone.
  3. What I’m doing right now? Trying to ignore the fact it’s three hours later than I thought it was and have turned over the to-do list that was squealing “hello! helloooo!” at me.

And that’s “about” it 😉

15 thoughts on “About…

  1. Nice content on Fighting the Abuse | Writing my fight! If I may inquire, how long did you spend preparing this blog? Also, please come check my blog on vin decoder too 🙂

    • I have just read your post… good for you, really, such a clever topic to post about, I hope it helps others….
      So glad you are whole 🙂 Whole and trying to help…you’re quite an inspiration 🙂

      • yay…thx for rejoicing with me. the journey to wholeness has been 30 years in the making, but i’m grateful to have arrived. u inspire, as well. look forward to growing with u! 🙂

  2. I suspect part of the clumsiness is not being very sure how big you are at any given moment, since different parts tend to imagine they are in different sized bodies. Really.

  3. I quite like it here, on your blog.
    Although some topics aren’t something to smile about, there’s something about your writing and perspective I find so intriguing.
    I’m interested in multiple personality disorder and was wondering if you could take a bit about how you live with it, or if you’ve already blogged about it if you could share the link. I’ve searched but girl you’ve got a lot of posts 🙂

  4. I write in order to balance MY Equilibrium so I don’t fling myself off the emotional edge from witnessing my girlfriend kill herself. Im going to follow you because I think your interesting. Give me a red and if you want follow me as well. We can no doubt find some common ground and become, i dont know, pals

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