The thoughts of a rapist…

I saw this link on facebook today. It’s absolutely disgusting but shared for a good reason. It’s first-hand views from the MEN who pay prostitutes for their services. It angered me and saddened me. Why do most of these men seem to think the women are just objects with no feelings, and why the apparent disregard for the women’s pain? One of them just screams “rapist” at me. It’s vile; absolutely vile. The language used to describe the poor women if they haven’t been “sufficient” in their service is just horrible, and so demeaning. My heart goes out to the women, and I hope I never meet some of the men. The only saving grace was one event where the woman seemed ill and the man was concerned enough to ring back the next day to see if she was okay. However, he was nonetheless still disappointed with the “service.”

Why do some men seem to think women are just objects to satisfy their needs? I could have guessed at what the men’s thought processes were but to see it in writing is just…indescribable really. They have no respect for the women as a fellow human who has the right to say “no” and be listened to.

The link for anyone interested is below.  WARNING: very graphic content containing possible triggers; do not feel compelled to read!!! I am only sharing it so the women see they are worth more, and so the rest of the world can see what these vile men can be like.


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