We’re all together…each of us…

I’ve been running this blog for nearly 2 weeks now, and the response has been amazing.

But what’s most amazing isn’t necessarily hearing kind words of support (although these are very seriously appreciated and each one touches me). Hearing from other survivors from across the pond has also been amazing, and moving, but the most amazing thing of all is realising that this blog doesn’t just help survivors of abuse.

I had started this purely to help those who are victims, and to help the rest of the world understand. I hoped it would do some good to victims specifically, but expected nothing more than that.

My email inbox has been showing me quite a different picture though, and it’s struck me that all “depressives” and all sufferers of “ocd” and “ptsd” don’t need to work specifically with people suffering from the same mental illness. We don’t need labels to help each other. We are all together…

I’ve had emails from people who are severely depressed, who have recovered from a mental health illness, who have eating disorders, ocd, and also from survivors of abuse. Each have found something in the blog that’s apparently given them some source of comfort or hope, or has helped them in some other way. That’s pretty incredible, especially seeing as I’m doing nothing special, am not a therapist, and wasn’t setting out to necessarily help other mental health issues.

So now I think I’ll change tack with the blog a bit. I’m currently focussing entirely on the abuse, but I too suffer from depression, PTSD and anxiety. If this is helping anyone else out there who hasn’t been a victim, then that’s far above what I could have ever hoped for…and I’m so glad it is helping you in some way.

But most importantly…I’m not doing anything amazing, so what’s really the most special thing about this is how simple it apparently is to help each other. Just admitting its okay to have a bad day, for example, can stop another person from tearing themselves apart for struggling.

We can all help each other 🙂 we’re all together.




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