Beautiful response to previous post… the reason why we stand together…

Following the young woman’s email this morning, I’ve received another email from another woman. She has also given me permission to share – this is mainly addressed to the writer of the previous email, but important for everyone I think…. so you can see what good simply saying “it’s okay to talk” can do.

“”Hey there. I found your blog yesterday and have been reading through it; thank you so much. I guess that may sound weird, you say you’re not doing anything special…. but thank you for simply being honest, and for being able to talk.

I saw your post this morning about what the email you’d received, and I was wondering if you could email this message to them. Their message really touched me. Yours has too, and at times has reduced me to tears (good ones!) out of sympathy and relief someone else feels the same way as I do. I’m not an abuse victim, actually had a lovely childhood and a wonderful family, but nonetheless suffer from a mental health illness and your words have brought me comfort.

The post of the email this morning really touched me because again it’s so honest, but also so passionately addresses all areas of mental health. I cried whilst reading all of it, as I felt something shift inside me. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen someone post something that addresses all areas, with such emotion and conviction. I suffer from severe OCD, an illness which is talked about less than most… you say “mental health” to people and they automatically assume depression. My OCD is crippling, controls all areas of my life, has meant that at the age of 28 I am yet to have a relationship, and that most of my friends had to turn their backs in order to protect their own mental health. That woman has given me a pathway I didn’t have before, simply by being a stranger who is prepared to stand and fight for us all. Reading the paragraph about control in particular was inspirational. I was like – “I don’t know what her ‘label’ is and I don’t need to know – it’s all overlap and I never knew. She made it. She made it and is giving me a path. Maybe I can make it too.”

Last night OCD led me to self-harm and drink myself to sleep.

This morning your blog, your posts and her incredible email have allowed me to calm, to eat, and to ring a distant friend and catch-up.

I simply cannot thank you both enough.”

And that…is why we fight. Stunning.


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