The moment where I held you…

A soft cry, not so much of my pain
But gentle relief; you were born,
My heart a rapid thud in each vein,
You gently lay in my t-shirt, once worn.

Skin to skin, the unbreakable bond
Your soft cheek on my tired chest,
Your velvet baby down, a perfect blonde,
You matched my rhythm; I caught my breath.

Your eyes met mine; Time stopped for me
Suddenly nothing else exists, though
The trust in your eyes, your faith in me
Shown through our first silent “hello.”

I held you to my face, and cried my tears
As you gurgled and touched my chin,
How could I protect you from my deepest fears?
A battle I could never win…

I ached like only a new mother can do,
And I was scared because I was alone,
But I had you in my arms; I had you
Though for how long, this was unknown.

You wriggled and stretched; made me smile,
Looked around; your curious dark eyes,
Nuzzled close to me, safe, slept a while,
Your tiny hand softening my cries.

Innocent you were to the world we were in,
Oblivous to the pain right outside
Oh god I wondered what could have been
I wondered, and softly cried.

I spoke to you, whispered and sang
Laughed softly at your tiny yawn,
Rocked you; let my heart hang,
Between pain and a new dawn…

The moments where I held you,
Were the moments of pure love,
The moment where I kissed you,
The moment I showed my love.

I’ll never forget your eyes,
Or your gentle cuddle with me,
Thank you for soothing my cries,
My perfect, tiny little baby.


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