The incredible power of music… how it has saved me.

Fighting the Abuse

If someone said to me “in one word describe your healing process” I would say to them “music.” Perhaps they’d expect me to say hard, or draining, or empowering, or emotional. And it is true, these words would describe my healing process too. But the most fundamental part of my healing; the one word which triggered my healing, and continues to guide me and play a huge role in my life…that word is music.

I used to hate music as a child. I was forced to play violin, with some psycho violin teacher, in some dark danky cupboard room. No thank you. Also at primary school the idea of a “music lesson” was to watch downright creepy children’s videos, and then sing along at the appropriate times. Boring, creepy, and not very musical.

However, one day at secondary school I was walking around *bored*. I was feeling miserable and fed…

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