Watch this!! VERY powerful…

I should send out a strong trigger warning to anyone who watches this.
But if you can watch this, I suggest you do. It’s extremely powerful in the way it delivers its message. It’s also based on a true story.

It is distressing, particularly if you can empathise with the girl. I had to focus very hard on my breathing to stop myself from flashbacking – it’s extremely realistic. But frankly the only way this madness and brutality can stop is if people open their eyes to how horrific it is, so I apologise…it’s not nice, and make sure you have something to make you smile for afterwards. It will shock you, stun you, sadden you and anger you. And so it should.

This world needs to change. Of course people will shy away from short films like this because it’s too distressing to watch, and that is completely reasonable and fine. But just think this…there are people living in the reality of this film. We can switch it off and be safe in our bubbles. I, less so, because not so long ago I was treated exactly how that girl was treated, but for different reasons. But some people are living through this. There is no “close” window on their internet… I am trembling here after watching it, but I know soon I’ll be okay again and safe. It saddens me that some people will never know that.

If you can, watch this…allow yourself to be horrified, because then we can wake up and try to change it… and some people need us to be shocked for them, because they don’t deserve what they’re going through.


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