I Loren. I one of Jadey’s other personalities. She not know I’m on this shhhhhh. I’m 10. Big girl. Bigger than the others but not as big as Jadey you know. But she 20 and I 10 so I only 1 away from her really.

JADEY NOT EATING. Well she is. just only vegetables (yuck). So I gonna get some proper food now hehe. I going to be in sooooo much trouble when she sees this. But I just wanted to say hiiii!! πŸ™‚ [And also please ask people to tell her to eat more than yucky vegetables. Please. They yucky and give me headache. And she burnted her finger trying to cook them so they must be bad.]

I’m so borrrrrred. It nice coming out to play but nothing to doooooo. Jadey been all grown up today and cleaned up and stuff. Borrrrring. She say “cleaning fairies won’t do it you know!” but I just say “close your eyes and POOF it’s all gone. Then come play.”

I not like Jadey so sad at moment you know 😦 Lady say she just a bit poorly and she be better later. I hope so. My eyes are all sore from the crying. I not used to this crying thing.

I wanted to say hiiii to everyone because I know Jadey writed on this lots πŸ™‚ Will anyone be my friend? Pretty please? Look I say magic word and everything…

Lots of looveee



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