A random trigger?!

Most bizarre thing happened earlier. I reacted badly to something which up until now hasn’t been a trigger. I’m quite aware of my triggers and can hazard a guess at potential triggers, but this was totally out of the blue.

I was in my house, still in daze-dom. Somewhere outside a car or house alarm went off. This is normally okay.

THIS time, however, it was not…
Suddenly I was on the floor, with my hands protectively shielding my face and head, screaming “NO NO NO NO NO” and begging “please no” “oh god no please”. Absolute terror of an extreme level even for me. When the alarm stopped, I slumped over so my face was now on the floor, and sobbed….until daze-dom took over again..

what the ‘eff?! Where did that come frome?! Any ideas from people would be gratefully received…. J x


5 thoughts on “A random trigger?!

  1. Did the police ever make a visit? Sometimes abusive caretakers are more abusive afterward.

    I have a hard time with fire alarms. It has some connection to fears of fire that I’m not sure about the cause of.

    • I thought about maybe police (I’m very scared of them; people impersonated the police in the ring) but the alarm wasn’t even close to the sound of a police siren….was just so weird!!

      ahhhh. Sorry to hear that…I hope one day it might make more sense… Jx

  2. To me this seems like an episode of panic/anxiety caused by a high level of hypervigilance? Did you feel tense, on-guard, or hyper-aware at the time the alarm went off?

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