I fell over…stop crushing me and dragging me by the binds on my wrists.
That is where I’m at. Like the reality. Where I, years ago, was being marched around in single-file line and I was tired. I tripped. I fell, heavily. Most of my weight went into my knees and chin, bizarrely.

What did you do? Did you let me take even half a breath? No…

Whilst I tried, and failed, and tried again to just get to my knees (never mind my feet), you stormed over. Spat on me. Kicked me. Bent down and pulled my shaky arms from underneath me so I fell forwards again…my entire weight in my elbows that you held above me. You bound them with rope. You kept hold and walked off.

Now I was being dragged…the ground tearing into me…the pain so great I couldn’t breathe…my arms high above me and being dragged in front of me so my ribs felt like they were splitting in two…

And still you expected me to breathe and think and do things?! I was being dragged, on the verge of death, past the point of consciousness….barely able to keep my eyelids flickering open….just desperate for the pain to stop whilst you dragged my beaten self around..

I was only a child then.
But, life, I’m back there….now just mentally.

STOP DRAGGING ME. I need just half a second to pause, hold myself and breathe…………

Can’t do this 😥


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