The Corkscrew

Into me, the corkscrew goes
It twists and tears inside.
The pain of such torture; your cruelty shows –
You laughed; I screamed and cried.

The pain which stole my entire state,
My body convulsed on its own.
Nothing to do except scream,  and wait
‘Til it stops,  and I’m left weak…alone.

My back arched in pained protest,
The screams they ripped me raw,
My ribs rose, straining through my chest
Pain shuddered  as I slid to the floor.

Today,  the corkscrew has moved its place;
Its no longer a tool used for rape.
But still its pain contorts my face,
I’m left breathless,  broken…agape.

The corkscrew now I cannot see,
But it twists and tears my heart.
Freedom’s cost; this is the fee,
Grief has a deadly art.

The corkscrew now kills me slow,
As it pounds and tortures my mind.
It’s pain leaves me wretched;  dreadfully low,
I feel rape was in fact more kind.

Rape by a corkscrew stole my body,
Now it consumes my whole.
I can’t scream in pain; there is nobody
Who can save what this corkscrew has stole…


5 thoughts on “The Corkscrew

  1. Not going to “like” this because how can you like something that is written about something so utterly horrific. But everyday I am astounded at how good you are with words and music and everything else. I am so glad you are here to help us all begin to see what childhood was like for you xx

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