Fibromyalgia; this last day has been particularly hard.

The last 24 hours or so have been bad re fibromyalgia. I’ve been in a flare up for near enough a month now; it keeps showing signs of being nearly gone and then returns the next day with a vengeance. I’m seeing the doctor on Friday for a review and I think I’m going to ask for something to help with the pain.

I think part of what has made it suddenly so much worse in the last day or so is the change of environment. I have just spent two weeks in a refuge, over Christmas, and the room I was in was very hot. I really didn’t mind, as the cold is a definite trigger for fibromyalgia pain but heat isn’t for me, and so although the flare up persisted it was only with fatigue and aching knees and feeling like my arms were permanently sunburnt; the more intense pains seemed to only show their head occasionally. I spent two weeks in a room, only really leaving to make cups of tea or grab something to eat, and in the room I was pretty much constantly in a vest top with at least one electric fan blowing…and even then I was a little too hot. But I didn’t mind.

The problem is of course that coming out of that was going to be a shock, and it doesn’t matter where I am at the moment, it feels freezing. Yesterday was the hardest. And, inevitably, by the time I went to bed last night I was in absolute agony. The weather isn’t especially cold, but it’s cold enough and very wet. Cold and damp….big triggers. Ouch ouch ouch. I sat on my bed last night and it took me ten minutes to take off my t-shirt and jumper because the pain was so incredible. I found it very difficult to lift my arms above my head. Under my armpits, all down the front of my chest, the back of my neck and my shoulders felt extremely bruised to touch, and throbbed. My arms felt like I’d been sat in 40 degree sun all day, and I could barely bend my knees. This morning it took me twenty minutes to gently bring movement back to my legs, as they had seized up completely. I have a fairly good pain threshold, but last night was pushing me to my limits. When I did manage to lie down on my back, I refused to move again even though lying on my side would have felt more natural to me. I just ached so much and never wanted to move, and could feel the strange bruising sensation spreading, despite knowing there was no bruise. Indeed, today the pain is more in my back and knees, my arms still feel sunburnt but the bruising sensation on my front has moved to my back instead. Fun. Unless I press onto my chest, just beneath the collar bone, in which case it feels very bruised and electric-hot sensations shoot across my front. That hurts. I’m already emotionally in so much pain and struggling and now physically feel like a 90 year old. 2014, so far you’re receiving a very raised eyebrow.

I never thought I’d say this, but bring on the doctors on Friday. I just need them to give me some way to manage the pain when it gets like this. Or the fatigue, which can literally stop me from doing anything, no matter how much willpower I put to it.

😦 grr. ouch.


One thought on “Fibromyalgia; this last day has been particularly hard.

  1. Hope you’re feeling better by now–at least so that the pain is a little more bearable.

    Think about moving much? It’s 30 degrees here in the daytime, with night time lows of 17. Of course, in May it will get up to 45…But I guess that’s why people buy air conditioners. Climate can really make a difference. I will never go back to the area I grew up in–the weather itself is triggering. And I don’t have many physical symptoms of trauma anymore–let alone fibro.

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